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The Erickson Streaming Video Collection

We are proud to announce a new streaming video project - The Erickson Streaming Video Collection. The Erickson Foundation has the largest archive of Erickson recordings in the world. To keep the spirit of Dr. Erickson alive in the 21st century, we will be rolling out many more videos (some unseen since their recording date) for our Erickson Streaming Video Collection.

Interactive Master Class Online

Interactive Master Class on Experiential Psychotherapy

Dr. Jeffrey Zeig will provide a unique online master class to improve your practice as a psychotherapist. There you will learn powerful methods of “Experiential Psychotherapy” that are practical and easy to apply. The course consists of four two-hour classes held every Sunday, starting August 30. CE credits are available for select professions.

The Couples Conference

Couples Conference 2020

A sampler of the 2020 Couples Conference was streamed for professionals who had originally registered for the Couples Conference and is now available to all of our customers. The abbreviated program consists of dialogues with eight experts and was recorded. Included are common topics encountered by couples therapists: Infidelity, communication breakdowns, sexuality, gender, acting out, and transgender issues. This video includes Q&A from participants.

This video features eight unique approaches to couples therapy, featuring Ellyn Bader, Joseph Winn, Terry Real, Harville Hendrix and Helen Hunt, Martha Kauppi, Stan Tatkin, William Doherty and Shawn Giammattei.


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